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*~We’ll take your SUPREME and raise you an EXCELSIOR.~* This embroidered gem will show you’re cool enough to wear the original but why would you when you can buy something cheaper and look BETTER.  Garment: ChampionFit: Unisex – True to size..
*~Be a legendary sockstar~* Keep your foot fingers toasty with these comfy Schilling branded socks.Fit: O/S - Fits like socks…?..
Tasting is wait, wearing is believing. Be your own "Local Legend" with this legendary crewneck. Thin enough to wear year-round and perfect for layering, become a member of the Legends of Cider...
*~“The EXCELSIOR space giraffe should definitely be turned into pop art .” – Andy Warhol probably~*  We don’t have anything more to say here, really.  Fit: Unisex – True to size..
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