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*~BLAST OFF~* Make a statement and show your love for Excelsior and space travelers with a tee that BOLDLY goes where few red shirts have gone before.  Fit: Unisex - True to size..
*~We’ll take your SUPREME and raise you an EXCELSIOR.~* This embroidered gem will show you’re cool enough to wear the original but why would you when you can buy something cheaper and look BETTER.  Garment: ChampionFit: Unisex – True to size..
*~iM wItH ThE bAnD~* Ya’ll wanna go back to 90’s? Well, grab this EXCELSIOR lanyard and clip it to your JNCOs. Equipped with its very own fully functional keyring, you'll be great at keys, not losing your work badge, or flashing your backstage pass with confidence.  Fit: O/S - Fi..
*~Be a legendary sockstar~* Keep your foot fingers toasty with these comfy Schilling branded socks.Fit: O/S - Fits like socks…?..
Proudly display your Schilling love with this 18″x12″ logo tin tacker!..
*~“The EXCELSIOR space giraffe should definitely be turned into pop art .” – Andy Warhol probably~*  We don’t have anything more to say here, really.  Fit: Unisex – True to size..
*~"A Waffley cool dome-piece”~* PNW Crew (NorCal too!) – This is part of your capsule wardrobe. We’ll consider this already in the cart. Southwest; This is a beanie. It keeps your head warm IF the temperature ever drops below 68 degrees. I know it's rare, but you really shou..
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